Women’s rights in Vietnam

A while ago The Guardian compiled World Bank and United Nations data and created an interactive snapshot of countries’ legislation in 5 areas of women’s rights: violence, harassment, abortion, property and employment rights, discrimination and equality. Let’s take a look at Vietnam:

We fare quite well in terms of property law, abortion rights and employment rights. Our constitution explicitly recognises gender equality before the law.

women rights 5 vnwomen rights 7 vnwomen rights 4 vnwomen rights 2 vn

women rights 6 vn

However, our legislation does not address domestic violence, sexual/physical/emotional/financial abuse of women and sexual harassment in education, work and public places.

women rights 1 vnwomen rights 3 vn

Does this surprise you?

For me this is alarming given that women constitute 24% of members of our parliament.

Link: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/ng-interactive/2014/feb/04/womens-rights-country-by-country-interactive


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